Upcoming Topics

This is mostly so I don’t forget to write about them.  I’ll end up breaking each of them into a more detailed discussion later, and into further detail in my book.

Why your kids hate you whenever you want to take their picture.

Photographing babies (from newborn to toddlers).

What kind of camera should I use/buy?  Short answer…the one you’re holding when you want/need to take a photograph.  They all work fine to great, and we’ll discuss them and how to get the most out of each in “normal” people detail.

Your best friend’s, cousin’s sister in law just bought a $1,200 camera and declared herself a photographer…why you should say “no thank you.”

 Action shots.

 LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT, including difficult lighting situations.

When to use your camera’s flash (almost never) and how to get the most out of it when necessary.

Clothing.  Sometimes it matters, sometimes it doesn’t.  Here’s a quick tip…If you ever thought you were too skinny and you want to look heavier than you are, wear white.

Blurry images?  Ways to steady your camera without lugging around a tripod.

Get up close…every image doesn’t need to show the entire subject.  Create something different with your macro focus option.

Dealing with tricky exposure situations.

Setting The Focal Point Of Your Camera.  Spot focusing.

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