Monthly Photo Challenge

Every month, we’re going to have a photo challenge to give you new ideas of things to photograph. You can post your image/images here, then check back all month long to see what others are submitting.  When the month ends, I’ll put the whole collection in a single gallery and archive it for you to view at any time.

Image Content

As far as image content goes, we’re a family friendly site, so NO NUDITY (this includes Boudoir type images with see-through clothing).  Maternity shots (that do not show ANY nudity) would be about as risque as we might allow.  Big Shot Moms reserves the right to remove any image we find questionable.

For the month of January, we’re going to have a dual challenge.  You can either submit an image that depicts the cold weather, or make something ordinary, extraordinary.

As far as ideas go (don’t let this limit your imagination), for cold weather, you might do a snowy/icy landscape, or your children/pets in the snow, or even close-ups with them wrapped up in colorful scarves/coats/hats.

For making something ordinary, extraordinary, I’ll start this challenge off with a shot of my own.  Since I just talked about this in our Aperture Priority Mode post, I’m actually going to try and make a picture of a hot-wheel car look cool.

So take your best shot (or two or three), submit them here, tell us a little about them if you like, and we’ll all enjoy viewing them while we try not to freeze!

One Response to Monthly Photo Challenge

  1. I’m photographing a hot-wheel car using Aperture Priority to throw everything except my subject out of focus. This came from me joking about the idea in my post on Aperture Priority Mode. Instead of putting the car in a chair, I decided to set it down on the road in front of my house and lie on my stomach to take the shot. Then, I remembered the Monthly Photo Challenge that will kick off tomorrow, and decided to use this image for that as well. What does that mean? It means I had to go find a couple more hot-wheels and something (lighter fluid) to set one on fire. Anyway, the shot was taken with my Coolpix 7800 (love this camera!) at f 3.5, zoomed to a 35mm camera equivalent of 117mm. I changed the focus to Macro Mode so I could get up close to the tiny cars and focused on the door of the red one. Notice how out of focus both the foreground (that’s just a regular street) and the background are. The Macro focus helped get a seriously shallow DOF. I also changed the picture mode in the camera from Standard to Vivid, which increases both the saturation and contrast. It really makes the colors pop!

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