Fun With Cupid

Cupid Image

We decided to have a little Valentine’s Day fun and ordered this Cupid set-up from  Here again, anytime you’re dealing with a small child (6 months in this case), remember to get down low to compose your shot.  I was lying on my stomach for this one.  I shot this in our studio, but you could also create a great shot like this at home in front of a window (preferably a large one).  Try setting your child up on a table (with a helper to make sure no one accidentally falls off the table…that really ruins the photographic mood for most kids) to get them centered in the window, and throw a clean sheet or two over the table to soften the image.  It’s best done in a well lit room, but you might try opening the front door to let more light in.  If you can get the table set up about 10 or 12 feet away from the window in the background, and use a wide open f stop (like f2.8 or 3.5), you’ll get a soft, beautiful blur behind your cupid.  Remember to try raising your ISO (to 2000 or more if available) to deal with having less available light.  That should help get your f stop as low as possible.

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