Monthly Archives: February 2016

Check Out Our New Cameras And Equipment Reviews

After many subscriber request, I’ve added a Cameras And Equipment Review page.  For starters, I’ve included one of the most popular camera subjects, Point And Shoot Cameras.  It covers cameras from the best in high end to the best in budget, and a really sweet one that falls in the middle.

If you’re in the market for a new point and shoot camera, I highly recommend checking out the page, but if you’re a “meat-and-potatoes” type, I’ll summarize with this…If I could only have one camera to carry around, and money was “somewhat” of an issue, for about $275, I’d grab a Nikon Coolpix S9900.  It’s an outstanding camera, fully featured, at a great price!

Be sure to check back with this page frequently, as I’ll be reviewing new items as often as possible.

Don’t Let The Cold Weather Get You Down

Getting motivated to go out in the cold weather sucks!  But you’ve got to do it.  The better you feel about yourself will improve everything else you do…better work, better play, better time with the kids or significant other…everything is better!  Get out of the house and run.  15 minutes after you start, you’ll be glad you did, and 30 minutes after, you’ll be elated.

And by the way, even I can take a crappy photo.

Snow Beard

Here’s a great example of distortion from a cell phone camera.  With my dogs nose so close to the tiny lens, her head looks bigger than mine.  But it’s OK…sometimes you just need to document that it happened!

Now go get some exercise!  Photographing your life is going to require you to be in decent shape.


10 Months Into A 1 Year Beard

So, my wonderful wife agreed to me growing my beard for 1 full year…no trimming.  It’s been wonderful (for me, anyway).  I’m kind of a messy guy, so letting it go has been a real joy.  Unfortunately, I’m 10 months in, with only 2 to go before a clean shave ravages me.  I thought I should document it while testing out a knew background I just got from David Maheu (of Backgrounds by Maheu).  I really moved myself and the lights away from the background, to keep it on the darker side (it’s a pretty light, but warm yellow) and just put a spot light in the center.  It came out pretty nice.