Monthly Archives: January 2015

Best Chocolate Substitute EVER!


The other day, we were at Costco and picked up a bag of granola to try called Love Crunch, made by Natures Path.  OMG, this is the best stuff ever, and it’s actually good for you and all organic!  If you like chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered raspberries, you’ll love this.  It’s rolled oats granola with a little cocoa mixed in, then they add some small chunks of dark chocolate (I’m really a milk chocolate fan, but these work perfectly here), and freeze dried organic strawberry and raspberry pieces.  The combination is heavenly to the taste buds.  As sweet and satisfying as it is, it’s only got 6 grams of sugar (the real enemy in managing weight control) per serving.  Although I may still eat an occasional Hershey’s Kiss, this is a great way to cut down on all the bad sweets that are so hard to give up.  Just make sure you grab a handful and walk away.  Otherwise, you’ll find yourself holding and empty bag.

I have no financial interest in this company, but I do love their product.  If you can’t find it a local grocery store, I saw that Amazon carries it.